Better Digestion Means Faster Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered what will happen to the food you eat when it enters your body? Food undergoes a process of digestion. This is a process of mechanical and chemical breakdown of food into smaller components which can be easily absorbed in the digestive system. Good digestion should always be placed into importance, particularly if you want to lose weight. Being an integral part of weight loss, it is very important to know the basics of how to improve one’s digestion. Otherwise, it will result to decrease or inefficient metabolism that will cause the storage of calories and later on will result to gaining of weight. Also, if your digestion is poor then it will lead to different conditions such as fatigue, headache, lack of energy and depression. Be concerned enough to take good care of your body and that includes your digestive system to aid in improving your digestion that may help in improving and losing those extra pounds.

To ensure better digestion, here are some tips to live by:

Control what you eat. Do not eat large amounts of food, eat less rather. It is a good thing to have small frequent meals with about 3-5 times a day compared to having bigger meals that will make your stomach feel heavy. Limit your foods to the size of your fist. Tell yourself when to stop, drink a lot of water for you to feel full and prevent yourself from craving.

Exercise regularly. It is best to do exercise every morning for 30 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise helps in strengthening your digestive systems’ muscles. Other than cardiovascular exercises, yoga can be beneficial to help improve circulation to your digestive system.

Raw and fresh foods are a must eat. Heating foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit may destroy the digestive enzymes. To achieve better metabolism and improve your digestion, keep these enzymes intact in your food. That is why it’s good to eat it raw foods or fresh ones, particularly fruits and veggies which makes them easier to digest. It would also help if you take probiotics regularly. It helps increase the good bacteria and are very important for digestion.

Avoid various combinations of food. For an instance eating starches with proteins, sweet foods with acidic foods with starches at the same time, these foods when taken at once will cause negative effects to your body. The combination often pose digestive disorders as well, hence, even nutritious foods aren’t absorbed properly. Instead, they contribute to building of fat deposits. So discipline yourself to go for simple meals.

Eat slowly. While fast foods and eating in a rush are convenient habits for busy people, such habits are also bad for weight loss. On the other hand, eating slowly makes you eat fewer amounts of foods, because your appetite can only be high at a limited span of time. Eating less will be easier for your digestive system. Chew foods properly, by chewing carefully you body gets the benefit to undergo good food digestion.

Live by a healthy diet. This is the most important step you should remember. Eat a lot of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables because these are filled with nutrients and it is high in fiber which increases metabolism. Fruits and vegetables keeps you hydrated and are good source of antioxidants. Avoid those unhealthy processed foods that may destroy your digestive tract in the long run. Additionally, avoid eating a lot of meat or eating meat all the time because it takes time to digest.

Discipline yourself to have good digestion. Choose what you eat always. Live a healthy lifestyle.

Cooked Foods on A Raw Diet

Does moving to a raw foods diet mean never eating hot food again? No, it doesn’t. Sometimes you want something hot. Hot food has always signified comfort for many of us. And on a cold, rainy day, carrot sticks or wheatgrass juice probably won’t cut it for most of us.

Most raw food, like our bodies, is very perishable. When raw foods are exposed to temperatures above 118 degrees, they start to rapidly break down, just as our bodies would if we had a fever that high. One of the constituents of foods which can break down are enzymes. Enzymes help us digest our food. Enzymes are proteins though, and they have a very specific 3-dimensional structure in space. Once they are heated much above 118 degrees, this structure can change.

Once enzymes are exposed to heat, they are no longer able to provide the function for which they were designed. Cooked foods contribute to chronic illness, because their enzyme content is damaged and thus requires us to make our own enzymes to process the food. The digestion of cooked food uses valuable metabolic enzymes in order to help digest your food. Digestion of cooked food demands much more energy than the digestion of raw food. In general, raw food is so much more easily digested that it passes through the digestive tract in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it takes for cooked food.

Eating enzyme-dead foods places a burden on your pancreas and other organs and overworks them, which eventually exhausts these organs. Many people gradually impair their pancreas and progressively lose the ability to digest their food after a lifetime of ingesting processed foods.

But you certainly can steam and blanch foods if you want your food at least warm. Use a food thermometer and cook them no higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to this temperature, you won’t be doing too much damage to the enzymes in food.

Aloe Vera and Other Beneficial Plants

Many families have grown up with an aloe vera plant in the kitchen. This succulent plant
is great for indoor gardening as it is hardy and easy to care for. Moreover, they are great
for skin care and minor cuts and burns that can happen in the kitchen while cooking. To
use as a first aid item, cut a portion of one of the leaves and squeeze the inner gel onto the
hurt area. With repeated use, the aloe vera will aid in healing and sooth the pain.

In addition to the aloe vera plant there are other helpful plants that are good to have
around the house. An herb garden is a convenient way to add flavor and natural
ingredients to many dishes. From fresh dill in a homemade tzatziki sauce to chives
mixed in with cream cheese for a delicious bagel.

Many herbs can be dried and used for loose leaf teas not only a relaxing beverage, some
herbs are known for their medicinal qualities too. Some herbs that can be used as tea
leaves or as part of a mixture are peppermint and ginger.

There are many edible plants that you can grow indoors to aid in digestion. They can be
broken of the plant as needed or some may need some preparation first.

* Anise is a popular and widely used for aiding in digestion and easing colic in
* Coriander in addition to helping with digestion it is also a tasty addition to salsa.
* Fennel oil is used to ease upset stomachs too. It is also used for increasing the
amount of breast milk produced in mothers.

This is just a brief look at some of the other uses for houseplants. It is recommended to
research your plants before ingesting any to ensure they are safe.

Little Known Benefits Of Coffee Enemas

Are you questioning the benefits of coffee enemas and whether there’s any fact behind everything? It is a reasonable concern specifically when most people tend to discover the practice odd at best. After all, who would have believed that something great could come out of utilising organic coffee as an enema service? Still, most people are not too eager about needing to inject anything up their rectum. Look past it though, and you will find that there are a variety of excellent reasons to do a coffee enema.

In this piece, we will take on a few notable benefits of doing a coffee enema. Such info needs to resolve any doubts you may have relating to the matter.

Coffee enemas for cancer

If you have done some research study about Gerson coffee enema instructions , then you would understand that it was initially established as a reliable cancer treatment by distinguished German-born American physician Dr Max Gerson. The excellent doctor believed that the growth of cancer cells is a direct outcome of highly toxic substance levels in the body due to collected waste deposits embedded in the colon and liver.

The caffeine in the enema option accelerates bile production in the liver removing built-up contaminants in the body that are impossible to eliminate any other way. As a result, the body is much better able to handle the cancer growth and might even reverse its development. In the very same way, coffee enemas for autoimmune illness can likewise be held as a significant adverse effect as there are far fewer contaminants that the body needs to handle.

Before his death, Dr Gerson released a total of 50 case research studies as evidence that coffee enemas for cancer are undoubtedly a practical treatment for the terrible illness. Unfortunately, the outcomes of his studies stay highly objected to today and the subject of much debate in the medical community.

Coffee enemas and weight reduction

Another unfamiliar benefit of a coffee enema is that it can assist with weight-loss. It is stated that the amount of ingrained toxic substances in the body can weigh as much as 5 lbs or more. A cleaner colon likewise serves to improve one’s metabolic process making it simpler for the body to shed excess pounds as it does not need to dedicate much energy detoxifying the body. This discusses why some individuals just can’t seem to lose any weight no matter how hard they exercise or preserve a low-calorie diet.

Are coffee enemas helpful for your liver?

It sure is, and it remains the fact that the main benefit of coffee enemas. Coffee in itself is a potent antioxidant but what the majority of people do not understand is that it is much more efficient when presented directly to the liver. That is precisely what a coffee enema achieves, and the advantage is additionally reinforced by the better production of glutathione in the body; yet another powerful antioxidant and one that has benefits that are well documented primarily in the skin care market.

In any case, coffee enemas offer the liver a helping hand in shaking off embedded waste and contaminant deposits that have collected in the liver. It functions, after all, is to filter out the waste and contaminants entering the bloodstream. In time, this filter can get significantly blocked minimising its effectiveness. A coffee enema figures out the obstruction so to speak revitalising the liver and the entire body overall.

How many coffee enemas per day?

Now that you have learned a few of the fantastic benefits of coffee enemas, you might be questioning – how many times do you, in fact, have to do it? Well, that depends upon your reasons for taking it. As an alternative cancer treatment, the “Gerson Therapy” advises taking a coffee enema daily 4 to 6 times a day. That is about when every 3 to 4 hours every day.

How many coffee enemas to cleanse the liver? Well as a detox solution, you certainly don’t need to take it as much. Many health professionals suggest taking a coffee enema once or twice in a week to keep a clean and healthy colon.